Write for OakB. Co

Thank you for your interest in writing for OakB.Co! 

If you haven’t yet, please read about the mission, vision and purpose of OakB.Co under Meet Emily. As a contributor, it is important that your content aligns with the values we hold important.

What do I need to know to contribute?

If you are looking to contribute a post, here are the topics covered at OakB.Co:

  • Lifestyle

    • DIY

    • Mama Style

    • Home Design 

  • Motherhood

    • Postpartum

    • Motherhood Tips

    • The Monthly Monday

    • Hopeful Mama 

  • Travel

    • Travel Tips

    • Destinations


OakB.Co strives to offer authentic content; therefore, your contribution post must be yours and never published prior. 

Contribution posts must be approved prior to submitting. If you haven’t had your content approved yet, please send an email to info@oakbco.com marked Contribution Post Approval.

What do I get for being a contributor?

  • Short Bio promoting you, your blog and social media sites 

  • Promotion on OakB.Co social media profiles

  • Link back to your blog site

  • Potential new traffic to your sites from OakB.Co

  • Increased audience for your blog content

Once content is approved, please follow these guidelines:

  • Email with link to set up login to Wix will be sent

    • Please add headshot to your profile​

    • Please fill author name as follows :  Name ~ Guest Contributor

  • Post should be at least 800 words

    • You can write in Wix or copy and paste into Wix​

  • No affiliate links

  • You may have exterior links, including one back to your site

  • Send headshot image, feature and post images with short Bio about yourself via email to info@oakbco.com

    • Headshot should be vertical 

    • Post images should be horizontal​

    • Images should be full sized (please do not edit/crop before sending)

  • Send links to your blog/social media platforms via email 

  • Post submitted by deadline agreed upon

What happens after contribution post is submitted?

Posts will be reviewed and if any edits required, will contact you for approval. 

Posts will be published on OakB.Co within 4 weeks or other agreed upon timeframe. 

Once your post is published, you may share it on your social media sites. You MAY NOT copy your contribution post and publish it on your site or any other site. 

You retain all rights to your content, however, if you publish your contribution post elsewhere, OakB.Co will need to remove it from our site. Duplicate content causes issues for search engines. 

Where can I go for help?

If you need help or have questions, please email Emily at info@oakbco.com